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Welcome to the website of The Ensemble

By admin - Posted on 29 July 2009

The contest is now officially over. Bellkor's Pragmatic Chaos and The Ensemble finished within .01% of each other. What great work on both sides! It was a very dramatic march for The Ensemble these last 30 days, and there was an even more nail-biting conclusion as we raced to get the best submission in place.We salute Netflix, BellKor's Pragmatic Chaos, and everyone who participated in the competition!

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It was a very dramatic march for The Ensemble these last 30 days.

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It feels great to be part of ensemble. I loved reading the various posts that the team shared online. Now being a part of it makes me feel good. Thank you for making the availability of online submissions. It will be sure of great use for the users.
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I am a student, and I am working on recommender systems. I used Netflix dataset and now I want to check the results over the qualifying test set privided by the Netflix. If there is any source/portal etc. where I can check this? I think after the Netflix prize completion, this support is not availabe, which is really not good for new students.

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It's nice to see this site is finally getting the attention it really deserves. Keep up the excellent work.

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