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Netflix Prize Conclusion

By aron - Posted on 22 September 2009

Yesterday, Sept 21st, Netflix announced that the winner of the $1 million Netflix Prize is "BellKor's Pragmatic Chaos(BPC)," and we congratulate them on their victory. The contest was remarkably close, and now we know precisely just how close it was.

In accordance with Netflix's rules, the RMSE score for the judged half of the submission (the test subset) is rounded to 4 decimal places. The two teams actually tied on this measurement. In this situation, the tie breaker becomes the order of the submissions. Bellkor's Pragmatic Chaos defeated us by submitting just 20 minutes earlier! Talk about close.

Netflix has graciously donated the entire data set for public consumption to: Included in this dataset is the quiz and test set answers, as well as the winning submission from BPC. This allowed us to determine both the precise test RMSE values and to get a little insight into the question: What would have been the result of The Ensemble and BPC working together?

Here are those values:

Test RMSE for The Ensemble: 0.856714 (10.06%)
Test RMSE for Bellkor's Pragmatic Chaos: 0.856704 (10.06%)
Test RMSE for a 50/50 blend: 0.855476 (10.19%)

The percentages are the improvement over the Test RMSE of Cinematch (.9525).

We would once again like to thank Netflix for it's pioneering contest and deft skill in managing it. It is easy to predict that Netflix Prize 2 will be just as well administered. We would also like to thank all of the numerous participants in the contest. The vast interest kept it healthy and marching forward. This little corner of science we all studied was lit up quite brightly for a while.

The two teams actually tied on this measurement. In this situation, the tie breaker becomes the order of the submissions. франшиза

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I wasn’t surprised to hear that The Ensemble finished in first place on the leader board. Most intriguing is the last minute submissions that wins the tournament. It is puzzling because my understanding was that someone could submit a replique montres 10.001% improvement and win the contest.

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I am a student, and I am working on recommender systems. I used Netflix dataset and now I want to check the results over the qualifying test set privided by the Netflix. If there is any source/portal etc. where I can check this? I think after the Netflix prize completion, this support is not availabe, which is really not good for new students.

Thank you,

Any chance you can send me your data set?

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Great job Enseble! Proud to have one of your members as a teacher!

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Awesome work guys. I can really feel the intensity and competition you must have felt throughout.

Congrats to BPC and great job.

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I was hoping that the dominance of BPC was finally ended. I long stopped participating in this contest realizing the difficulty after 2 submissions of my own. Your RMSE score was ultimately better and it's a true shame that the judging score was limited to 4 digits. How can a tie-breaker be order of submission? It should be more percentage subtracted from the raw score. You guys beat them fair and square and I am humbled by your dignity in accepting this "loss" to what I can see as an unfairly one-sided ruling on Netflix's part. Kudos to your team. Congratulations to BellKor on what I can deem as nothing but dumb-founded luck of 20 min. and biased ruling. Enjoy your $1.1 that you won over the years ($1 million over what i fell you should have truly won). I would challenge you guys to share the prize money with the Ensemble as a test of good sportsmanship.

You are incorrect. Ensemble's RMSE was higher than BPC's RMSE. Therefore BPC's RMSE score was ultimately better.

Great job guys. If only they could split the prize....

For those of us on the sidelines, your contributions have been immensely informative and useful. The class and generosity displayed by contest participants as well as Netflix has been truly inspiring.

Is there any place I can download the data for research?

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First of all I appreciate the author for taking the effort to share an article on a very good topic. Netflix announced that the winner of the $1 million Netflix Prize is BPC and everyone celebrated their victory. More over they have donated the entre data to the public as well.