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The Ensemble Surpasses 10%

By admin - Posted on 24 July 2009

We are happy today to have made a submission which surpasses Netflix's 10% Grand Prize target. The Ensemble is the second team to do this in less than a month. We are very proud of our achievements, and those of our top competitor, Bellkor's Pragmatic Chaos.

The Ensemble was created by a merger between the two teams that appear on the leaderboard as "Grand Prize Team" and "Opera Solutions and Vandelay United".

That’s right: one minute before examcollection JN0-343 our scheduled submission time, I spied a post by Peng revealing his latest blending effort. JN0-343 vce questions With an estimated score of 0.85525, it soundly trumped our intended submission. I logged onto the Vandelay Industries server to retrieve vce JN0-343

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Congratulations! The finish must have been fun.

That sounds like a really good merge. Congratulations! House Window Glass Replacement Austell

Congratulations! Where can we find more about it?

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After everything is said and done, it would be super interesting to see how well you can do if you combine together the techniques of "the ensemble" with the techniques of "Bellkor's Pragmatic Chaos.".

Congratulations! Hope your achievements will continue to skyrocket from here on out. yearly credit report

Congratulations on surpassing "BellKor We Already Won"... Good to see someone else take the prize. I'm rooting for you guys to win.

Good to see someone else take the prize. I'm rooting for you guys to win.


Its over -- did you guys win? I see you are at top on the leaderboard but are the hidden results out????

This is great! About a week ago I blended the probe files from Vandelay Industries and Grand Prize Team and figured you could probably beat BellKor's Pragmatic Chaos if you combined. I secretly hoped since then that you would since I'm much more comfortable with 20-30 laypersons winning some money than some "researchers" from AT&T averaging numbers in a fairly clever way (blending). Congratulations!

I have watched World Championship Finals, I have watched Olympic Games, I have watched SuperBalls, but the experience of this Grand Finale is unique.

Congrats for your achievements. It is only a few more exciting hours to go. Good luck and may the best team wins!

Congrats guys! You certainly should be proud of your achievements...

wow. congrats! you just passed Pragmatic Chaos! it's a race to the finish line!

This is what international collaboration is all about! Your diverse team is fascinating and together you did what seemed impossible!

Get some sleep, spend time with your families, they must miss you.

Hope to hear The Ensemble on the news soon as official winner!


The competition will obviously end when BPC teams up with the Ensemble. But I hope that does not happen for at-least a few months and we could see more innovation :)

It would be a nice ending for the competition if you invite BPC to the ensemble for the last submission. The difference is tiny and both teams deserve to win.

Congratulations. I was utterly surprised and delighted to see y'all's leap.

Craigs' Theory must have worked?

Ha ha ;)

(insert long story)

To reach this point, no, it was an intense collaborative effort moving at light speed. Every theory in this contest seems to only be partially right. The only one that works for sure is "you will stumble along the way".