You are hereThe Ensemble finishes in first place on the leaderboard

The Ensemble finishes in first place on the leaderboard

By admin - Posted on 26 July 2009

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Hmm, is it true that BellKor’s Pragmatic Chaos actually won - they have the best score on the test set?
See the comment by "An insider - July 26th, 2009 at 2:51 pm PDT " (below):

Most intriguing is the last minute submissions - were developments really taking place this late in the piece or was this some optimal game 'strategy'?

It is puzzling because my understanding was that someone could submit a 10.001% improvement _and_ win the contest because it beat others on the test set.
Or is there a theory or law ruling out such a possibility?
In this case it make sense to submit you best effort, rather than game the competition - hence my surprise that genuine improvements were being made in the last minute(s).
An interesting idea is the possibility that an improvement is still possible, simply because some submitters did not adopt the optimal submission strategy?

Congratulations to all involved, I'm sure lots has been learned.

I wasn’t surprised to hear that The Ensemble finished in first place on the leader board. Most intriguing is the last minute submissions that wins the tournament. It is puzzling because my understanding was that someone could submit a 10.001% improvement and win the contest.

Sorry to hear you guys were pipped at the post by BellKor’s Pragmatic Chaos. Heres hoping you all get offered jobs or something worthwhile.

Thanks! Yes, we were actually working until the very last minutes of the competition. We submitted our best work and now the Netflix Prize judges are validating the submissions. Netflix tells us they will announce the winner in a few weeks.
See the announcement on the official Netflix blog at: .

I think your response here is particularly important, as the recent message of your team is unclear. Please clarify:
Am I understanding correctly from your post that you are submtting your methods to Netflix to be judged?

In any case, you deserve much congratulations on your fantastic achievment!

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Wow. That nearly immediate posting by "YehudaKoren" (contestant?) appears to have been made at a speed approaching SOE (the Speed of Entitlement), which I believe is even faster than light speed! LOL

I'm interested also in any comments related to group psychology and/or Game Theory. Can you discuss either of these topics and how it relates to your collective effort in this contest. Thanks!

(Congrats to both you and BPC)


Would love to hear the behind the scene story of your team's amazing effort!